Examples of successful projects

Promotional Product Shop

Planning and development of an advertising material shop for sales staff.

#CSharp #Visual Studio

Service Level Contact IT Serviceportal

Maintenance & support of a reporting portal for monitoring services, systems and SLA compliance.

#CSharp #Visual Studio #MS SQL

Mobile sales support software

Development of mobile clients and Outlook Addin for the legally compliant administration of appointments and training of sales staff. Clients synchronize data in the VPN or Intranet with a central portal and have all required data available offline.

#CSharp #MS SQL #Visual Studio #Xamarin #Android #MS Outlook

Planning and development of an IT Serviceportal

Contract for the planning and development of a web portal for the monitoring of services and systems based on ticket data. Display of availability/ period and compliance with service level contracts.

#CSharp #Visual Studio #MS SQL #TFS

Development software for budget planning and control

Creation of a web-based software for budget planning, forecasting and comparison of target and actual costs.

#CSharp #MS SQL #Visual Studio #TFS

Elearning Advent Calendar

ELearning Advent calendar on the topic of sustainability. A webpage with an advent calendar competition was developed to bring the compulsory topic of sustainability closer to the employees. Behind each door was a question; the correct answer was a raffle ticket in a weekly competition.

#CSharp #MS SQL #TFS

Planning, Development and Migration of intranet platform

Creation of proof of concept, development of a taxonomy solution, design. Creation of the overall solution as a contract for work Migration from DMS Livelink.

#CSharp #MS Sharepoint #MS SQL #Visual Studio #CMS

Replacement of a Group-wide CMS

Replacement of Vignette V5, Introduction of Day Communique 3.5.


Consolidation of international portals

Migration of all international portals from different platforms to the central Day Communique platform. Task: Coordination with customer departments Development of software for largely automatic migration Development of templates Implementation of the migration Creation of training documents and implementation of training sessions.


Consolidation of national Webportals

Migrate all national web portals into a single central Solution