Software Development, Prototyping

There are several booking choices:

  • Inhouse, fixed daily rates, billing per day
  • Inhouse, Contract for work
  • In our office, T&M, billing per hour

In the case of software development in our company, access to our documentation and version control is available so that progress can be tracked at any time. On a VMWare ESXi system (6.2) we simulate your infrastructure as far as possible, e.g. to map AD, server and network structure in the points important for the project.

At the moment not only Windows, CentOS systems and MS Sharepoint from 2010 are available, but also different AD configurations, MS SQL Server, Oracle and Couchbase instances.


We guarantee via service contracts that problems with our software or your Sharepoint environment will be processed and corrected within a certain period of time. Guaranteed availability and response times within the agreed time ensure that you can concentrate on your core business.

You provide VPN access to the required resources and we take care of the service contracts within the framework of the agreements. The billing is based on fixed amounts for the readiness as well as hourly billing for the expenses incurred.

Projects, Troubleshooting

These services are available exclusively at fixed daily rates.