Technical Details

This website has been created as a .NET Core 2.2 MVC application and is hosted at MS Azure. For this website, new versions of the .NET framework, features, frontends and databases are constantly tested internally to determine their suitability for everyday use.
This version is using:

  • .NET Core 2.2
  • .NET Core Identity
  • .NET Core Enterprise Framework
  • SQLite 3
  • Couchbase Lite mit Synchronisierung
  • Localization mit PO Objects (OrchardCore)

As so often in all examples it is trivial to make "Hello World" available in all languages for a software. A real website consists of more than a few short strings that have to be translated. In addition to the "Hello World" strings, there are data annotations, error messages with variables, and content pages that contain large amounts of text.

In this website applications, titles, navigation, error messages are translated with PO Objects from the OrchardCore project.
Configure portable object localization in ASP.NET Core

Views that consist mainly of content are identified over their suffixes by their neutral culture, e.g.

A separate ViewComponent checks whether views are available in the requested language and displays an error message if not. In this case, the default language (English) is used.